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We provide fast, portable, and efficient windrow turning and tub grinding.

Screening - L&S Contracting and Recycling has a wide variety of screeners,  from trommel screens to flat decks.  We don't only screen compost, we screen a wide range of products such as asphalt, concrete, and street sweepings. Call us to find out more.

Tub grinding service - our tub grinders are mobile and we can grind everything from stumps, logs, brush, leaves, even massive tree trunks.  We also have the support equipment to load from excavators with grapples and wood shears to wheel loaders.  We have the grinding and composting equipment you need!

Windrow turner - using the windrow turner efficiently and effectively breaks down raw materials, such as leaves and grass into compost.  Our state-of-the-art windrow turner achieves one hundred percent mixing and aeration.  The result is uniform consistency and adequate infusion of air, creating the ideal environment for bacteria and other microorganisms to break down the raw materials into compost.  Using windrow composting reduces the volume of your raw materials by half; it even reduces odors!

Turning with a front end loader only mixes windrow partially.  This process is more costly in man hours, produces more odor and the final product is inferior.

Site clean-up  - whether you are a municipal or private site and your site is out of control and needs assistance to get back on the right track L & S Contracting and Recycling is your company!

  • Tub Grinder services

  • Screening

  • Windrow Turning

  • Complete site clean-up

  • Composting

  • Wood Management Programs

  • Serving Municipal and Private compost sites




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